Renovation of apartments. Types of repair, steps, how to do it yourself

Apartment renovation

You are looking to renovate your home but don’t know where to start? Our resource will come to the rescue, which will help in the smallest detail to understand the features of repairs in your own or rented apartment. The main criterion for evaluating a quality repair in an apartment is a smile and genuine joy on the faces of the residents. It is extremely important to treat the work with maximum responsibility and to do everything in stages and with high quality, only in this case, the result will not disappoint you. Many people are sure that it is rather difficult to make repairs on their own, on our website you will find many articles on repair work and practical advice that will help you not to be afraid of this procedure and boldly get down to business.

We think about apartment renovation when we buy new housing in a new building or on the secondary market, or when we decide to change something in our apartment. It is worth noting that partial repairs in the room, which will include gluing new wallpapers and laying new flooring, can be done independently. More complex work, such as installing a sewer system or wiring in an apartment, is best done with certain skills.

It is better to start the repair of an apartment with the preparation of a project. If third parties are involved in the repair, then issues related to the scope of work and the condition of the premises, as well as the complexity of the repair, are discussed with them. After agreeing on all the issues by phone, a manager comes to the client and draws up an estimate. It is worth noting that already on the spot, a representative of the company discusses with the client the question of what kind of repair needs to be done.

A cooperation agreement is signed with the client on a mandatory basis, which specifies all working moments, including the timing of the work. Professional specialists will carry out the work. The repair will be monitored by a foreman, who will be responsible for quality. Please note that the repair work is carried out in stages.

Does the apartment need renovation?

The main stages of work include:

  • Installation and dismantling of electrical wiring;
  • Cleaning the room from old paint, wallpaper, and putty;
  • Procurement of necessary building materials. It is better to buy at wholesale bases, so you can save;
  • Phased renovation of the entire apartment or renovation of individual rooms, for example, kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. Please note that, depending on the type of premises and its purpose, repairs can be carried out in one way or another.

“I want a new renovation.” Sooner or later, this idea is faced by the owners of their apartments, who want to bring something new into their lives, tired of old wallpaper and peeling paint on the windows. Renovation is a lengthy process that needs to be prepared for. You should not do work in all rooms at once, it is better to start gradually and, after completing work in one room, move on to another. If you decide to seek help from specialists, be sure to check their competence and read examples of work that has already been done before, as well as reviews from former clients.

Types of apartment renovation

Agree, it is much more pleasant to live in an apartment with a beautiful renovation from designers than where there has not been a renovation for more than ten years. If the room is not repaired promptly, you may encounter the problem of crumbling plaster and whitewash, sparkling sockets, leaking pipes in the bathroom and kitchen, and other troubles. How to solve all these problems easily and simply? It is enough to start a major overhaul of the apartment, which will change the living space beyond recognition.

Repair is a concept that sooner or later every person faces. There are several types of repairs, among which are major, cosmetic, and design. In this article, we will try to tell you more about each type of repair in a residential building. It should be noted that the choice of the desired type of repair is made based on the condition of the premises, as well as the financial capabilities of the residents.

Types of repair:

1. Redecoration of apartments – is carried out if it is necessary to slightly ennoble the premises. It mainly includes re-wallpapering, painting the ceiling, and new putty on the walls. Such repairs do not include the replacement of doors and windows but may include the procedure for painting or restoring them. Repair does not affect the plumbing and wiring in the room.

2. General repair of the apartment (major) – includes the whole range of works to improve the condition of the premises. In addition to wallpapering, work is being done to replace communications, doors, windows, electrical wiring, and plumbing in the bathroom and kitchen.

3. Reconstruction. It provides for manipulations with interior partitions, combining two rooms into one, delimiting the space in the room, and other similar works.

4. Author’s repair – allows you to transform the apartment into an unrecognizable look. Designers, artists, and sculptors are often attracted to this type of work. The work involves complex processes.

We figured out what repairs are being done in apartments. Now it remains to understand which repair is right for you. It is worth noting that you can make cosmetic repairs in an apartment on your own; for more global repairs, professional builders are often involved. Experts advise refurbishment of an apartment for at least 5-7 years, so you can maintain the premises in good condition, and significantly reduce the cost of major repairs. Any major overhaul is not complete without dismantling the old finishes and communications, it is quite large-scale, so you should prepare for these works in advance. So, it is desirable to protect furniture and other interior items with a special construction film.

Apartment renovation classes allow you to choose those works that are most suitable for the premises. It can be difficult to decide what repair to make in the apartment is better. We advise you to check the performance of all systems necessary for normal life without fail. If breakdowns have been identified, then it is better to give preference to a major overhaul with the replacement of plumbing, windows, doors, switches, sockets, and other things. If you just want to update the appearance of your living space, then it will be enough to limit yourself to a partial renovation of the apartment.

Apartment renovation project

Got a new apartment? Or finally, decided to carry out major repairs in a residential area? Get ready to face a real “horror”, which begins with the difficult choice of the necessary building materials and ends with the work itself, which not everyone can do. An apartment renovation plan will help to greatly facilitate the procedure, in which not only the stages of work but also materials for the repair will be indicated.

What is included in the repair of apartments depends on the condition of the premises in which the work will be carried out. If you plan to only partially update the interior of the room, then you will need to get rid of old wallpaper, and putty, whitewash the ceilings, and replace them with new materials. Such surface repairs are carried out every 5-7 years and can significantly delay the need for major repairs. It is advisable to check the condition of the communications in the room before starting repair work, if they urgently need to be replaced, then it simply cannot be done without capital work.

Planning an apartment renovation should begin with the selection of suitable materials. If you are just planning to update the premises, then the repair will be cheap, but the global alteration and reconstruction can cost a pretty penny, so it is advisable to ask the price in advance. It is better to accumulate funds for a complete repair than to carry it out partially. So you will get rid of the endless repairs in your apartment because while one room is being repaired, the time for renovation in another room will come up.

Apartment renovation step by step

1. Assessment of the condition of the apartment and all communications in the room;

2. Purchase of necessary materials and tools for repairs;

3. Dismantling of old finishes, windows, doors, electrical wiring, plumbing;

4. Immediate repair work.

It is worth adhering to this scheme of work as much as possible and not moving on to another step until the first is completed. Only by following the sequence of actions, you can be sure that the work will be done efficiently and on time, and the repair will not drag on for many years and will not become your punishment.

The sequence of repairs in the apartment

Below we will try to elaborate on the sequence of actions when carrying out repairs in your apartment, adhering to which you can greatly simplify the whole process. It is worth noting that a lot of questions that are extremely difficult to find answers arise even before the start of the repair itself. To keep the nerves in order and carry out repairs as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to determine the progress of work and consistently move from one step to another. The beginning of the repair in the apartment occurs with the preparation of a future repair plan. The plan helps to do the work in stages, which in turn has a positive effect on the final result.

Stages of apartment renovation

1. Repair planning and preparation for repairs

At this stage, the owners of the apartment decide whether it is necessary to carry out repairs, and on what type it is better to stop. Will it be just replacing obsolete wallpapers with new ones, or is it planned to change windows, doors, plumbing, and other communications?

In the first stage, it is advisable to think over the future layout, style, and design in which you want to see the room. Experts advise to determine in advance what color the walls in the room will be, and where exactly the switches will be located. The effect will have a plan drawn up on paper, adhering to it, you will be able to bring to life all your ideas.

If the phased renovation of the apartment is a major one, it is advisable to think about where to transport large-sized furniture and household appliances from the apartment during work, as it will interfere with the workers.

It is the drawing up of a plan that will help determine the approximate monetary costs of the work.

2. Dismantling of the old finish

At this stage, old wallpaper, flooring, unnecessary partitions, door and window frames, and outdated electrical wiring are dismantled.

A little advice – do not rush to throw away old things, something may come in handy as part of the repair or after it is completed. You can always throw out the unnecessary.

3. Repair and conduct of communications

After you get rid of the old finish, you should start repairing or replacing apartment communications, including electrical networks and plumbing. A plan for the location of all elements should be drawn up at the first stage. It is advisable to involve specialists in the work. Please note that if there is a technical possibility, then it is advisable to remove the wiring and water pipes from the wall.

4. Room decoration and completion

As soon as communications are finished, you should proceed to the design decoration of the room. At this stage, new doors and windows are installed. After that, they begin to finish the ceiling, then the walls, and, finally, the floor.

Do not forget that the sequence “ceiling – walls – floor” allows you not to spoil the repaired parts of the room during the repair.

The sequence of repairs in an apartment in a new building is somewhat different. So, work should begin with the floor screed, if this procedure was not performed by the builders.

After wallpapering, switches and sockets are installed, the room is prepared for living, garbage is eliminated and interior items are placed.

The components of an apartment renovation can vary depending on what type of renovation you plan to carry out in your apartment. The simplest (cosmetic) one can be done on your own, but even in this case, it is advisable to draw up a work plan and stick to it so as not to forget to do anything in the process.

Terms of apartment renovation

Have you become the owner of a new apartment and plan to celebrate housewarming as soon as possible? To bring your plan to life on time, you need to learn more about the timing of repairs in the apartment. It should be noted that the repair period is calculated for each object individually.

Work time is affected by:

  • What is the state of the apartment after the builders,
  • Whether communication is necessary,
  • Install plumbing,
  • Make partitions and more.

At the same time, the terms of repair in a new building will always differ from the terms of work in an apartment that has already been in use.

The correct repair of the apartment is carried out according to a drawn-up plan and in compliance with the previously recorded stages of work. The timing is also significantly affected by your decision to do repairs yourself or seek help from specialists. In the second case, an estimate is drawn up, so it is much easier to determine the timing of the commissioning of the facility. Please note that if you trust the work of the company, then the timing can significantly affect the cost of repairs, so the faster you want to move into your apartment, the more you will need to pay.

How to quickly make repairs in the apartment? This question is asked by many owners of their own homes, while few people know what exactly the deadlines depend on. Everything is quite simple here, so, the duration is affected by:

  • The size of the apartment or dwelling in which repairs are planned;
  • What type of repair do you intend to carry out (ordinary cosmetic will take much less time than a major or reconstruction of the premises);
  • Work will be carried out independently, or with the help of a team of professionals;
  • How quickly the materials needed to start the repair work will be procured;
  • If there are power outages in the apartment, or there is no water from time to time, the terms can increase significantly.

For the repair in the apartment to be not only fast, but also of high quality, it is necessary to draw up an agreement with the company, which will indicate the deadlines for the completion of all work. Very often, all stages of repair and the approximate time for their completion are prescribed in the contract. The contract should also contain information that you paid an additional amount to reduce the repair time. It is worth accepting work according to the “Act of Completed Works”, so you can make sure that the repair of the apartment is of high quality.

There is such a thing as the estimated timeframe for putting an object into operation. So, on average, cosmetic repairs in a small apartment take about 30 days, premium repairs in a new building of 40 square meters will take about 120 days, but the author’s or design repairs in an apartment of the same footage will last about 7 months, depending on the wishes of the client regarding the internal decoration.

If the apartment is planned for redevelopment or reconstruction, then the repair period can be extended by 2-5 months, depending on urgent work. Insist that the object be repaired clearly according to the drawn-up contract in compliance with all deadlines.

How much does it cost to renovate an apartment

An estimate for the repair of an apartment is drawn up at the second stage after the tenants decide to make repairs and decide what exactly they want to see in their apartment. The estimate helps to determine in advance how much repair work in your apartment will cost along with the purchase of the necessary materials. Residents carry out either minor cosmetic repairs in the apartment, or trust professionals to make major repairs with minimal cash investments. Budget renovation of the apartment provides for the renovation of the interior decoration and practically does not affect communications, and does not include the installation and dismantling of new windows and doors.

Apartment repairs can be done quickly and inexpensively on your own, plus your ability to work with wiring and plumbing. If you want to save money, it will be enough to update the wallpaper, and flooring and paint windows and doors. These works will take a minimum amount of time, while you can do them yourself, reducing additional costs.

How much it will cost to repair an apartment depends not only on the footage of the room but also on the state in which it is located. So, it will be much easier to repair a room in which cosmetic repairs were periodically carried out than to put in order a room that has not seen repairs for a very long time. The cost is also affected by the quality of the materials you plan to use.

The cost of repairing the apartment, if necessary, can be reduced. For example, if you do not have problems with plumbing and electricity, then these systems can simply be checked for operability and not replaced with new communications. The final cost can also be reduced due to inexpensive materials. If the repair is cosmetic and does not provide for designer frills, the cheapest wallpapers that will have an attractive appearance will do.

Both residents of new buildings and owners of apartments in the secondary market often wonder how much money is needed to repair an apartment. It is rather difficult to name even an average amount since it depends on many factors, among which one can note the footage, the condition of the premises, and the materials that the customer plans to use. At the same time, ordering repairs from third-party companies will be more expensive than trying to do it yourself.

The cost of renovating an apartment varies widely. If inexpensive cosmetic repairs with budget materials are inexpensive, then it is quite possible to pay more for elite and author’s repairs in a new building than you spent on buying the apartment itself. Much here depends on what the customer wants to see in his apartment after the repair work. Are you wondering how cheap to make repairs in the apartment? You should not save too much on materials, there is a risk that they will turn out to be of poor quality and quickly become unusable, then repairs will have to be done in a new way.

How much money do you need to renovate an apartment

  • cost of materials for the dismantling of the old finish;
  • expenses for the purchase of new materials and equipment;
  • engaging professionals to work with plumbing and sewerage.

How much does it cost to renovate an apartment? This question is asked by all the owners of their own homes because no matter how carefully you live in the room, sooner or later it will begin to deteriorate, and repair work will be required to restore its normal state. It is better to start calculating the repair of an apartment with an assessment of the complexity of the upcoming repair work, the final cost will directly depend on the condition of the apartment and on which communications need to be replaced.

You can calculate the repair of an apartment yourself, or by contacting specialized companies for help. When calculating the cost, factors such as the initial state of the premises, the state of communications, and the type of repair planned in the premises are taken into account. A design renovation involving professional artists, decorators, and designers will cost many times more than a small cosmetic renovation of the premises.

Apartment renovation. Design

Repair of any residential premises, whether it is a small one-room apartment on the outskirts of the city or an elite apartment in the very center, begins with drawing up a work plan and developing a design project for apartment renovation. Please note that if a small cosmetic repair can be done on your own, then for the author’s or design repair you will have to involve real professionals who will voice the options for repairing the apartment and help you choose the most suitable one. You can do designer repairs yourself, just connect your imagination.

Regardless of how much the repair in your apartment will cost, you must remember that the money invested is not an expense, but a successful investment in real estate that will significantly increase the life of your home and help you resell it in the future at a better price. A properly drawn-up design project is useful for both customers and workers who will carry out repair work in the apartment. For the former, the project is an opportunity to find out how the apartment will look in the future, for the latter it is a guide to action. On our site, you can find apartment renovation samples, among which you can borrow some ideas for repairs in your living space.

If you plan to perform a stylish apartment renovation, only high-quality materials are used in the work, which are distinguished by a long service life. Having spent on work only once, you will forget about the need for repairs in the room for many years. You can always find ideas for apartment renovation on our website. In addition, at any time you can use the services of professional designers who will help transform your living space beyond recognition.

Apartment renovation and design options may depend not only on your wishes but also on the type of premises. So, in some cases, bringing the plan to life may require a serious alteration of the premises with the construction or dismantling of partitions, doors, etc. If you do not agree to such a global and major overhaul, you will have to give preference to simpler options.

Modern apartment renovation ideas are implemented in several stages, they have a great depth of study and will amaze you with their workmanship. Having made repairs in the apartment correctly, you will be able to transform the appearance of the room as much as possible and increase its functionality, if this item was provided for in the project. Please note that designer repairs will always cost an order of magnitude more than regular cosmetic ones.

Stylish apartment renovation has many advantages. Firstly, it is much more pleasant to live in such an apartment than in one where Soviet wallpapers are still pasted, which have begun to climb around the edges. Secondly, a renovation that you really like can give a person a feeling of comfort and relaxation. The third and most important advantage is the ability to show off your repair to your friends. Believe me, no one will remain indifferent. Fashionable apartment renovation will tell others about your great taste and sense of style.

Beautiful apartment renovation ideas are easy to find after reading our articles, it is much more difficult to bring your plans to life. Here we advise you to seek professional help from specialists who have many years of experience in this field and will do everything in the best possible way, listening to your wishes as much as possible.

Do-it-yourself apartment renovation

Making repairs in an apartment with your own hands is inexpensive – an ideal option for those who need to repair the premises, but do not plan to invest significant money in this procedure. This type of repair is suitable if the apartment is in good condition, it is not required to change windows, doors, and communication systems. Paste wallpaper, re-lay linoleum in an apartment or lay laminate, and paint windows – even those who are far from the construction industry can cope with these tasks.

It will be inexpensive to make repairs in an apartment if you outline a work plan in advance and draw up an approximate estimate. So even before you start, you will know how much the work will cost and eliminate the additional costs that may be associated with the purchase of unnecessary consumables.

An inexpensive do-it-yourself apartment renovation should begin with the removal of large household appliances and furniture so that it does not interfere too much with the work. It is better to cover everything that remains in the room with a special film, so you protect things from pollution and possible damage.

How to make repairs in an apartment on their own, many people ask this question, especially when they do not want to overpay workers for elementary things. It is advisable to immediately draw up a repair project, describe all the materials that you may need, and make a repair plan. By following all the points of the plan, you will be sure that you have not forgotten anything and that everything is going according to plan.

Preparing for self-repair

Before you repair the apartment yourself, it would not hurt to decide what exactly you need this repair for. Very often, people begin the usual cosmetic repairs, during which they notice that it would not hurt to re-lay the floor in the room or change the old windows to plastic ones. As a result, the work results in significant financial costs, takes more and more time, and in the end, the apartment owners still have to resort to the help of professionals. Be sure to check the state of the communications. If pipes are leaking in the bathroom or the kitchen, or there are problems with constantly knocking out traffic jams, then it is better to eliminate these problems at the repair stage, and not leave them for later.

Start repairs in the apartment with your own hands:

1. We draw up a plan for future repairs, develop a project, and indicate all the materials that may be needed in the work;

2. We find a place where massive furniture and household appliances can wait out the repair;

3. We dismantle the old finish;

4. If necessary, we replace switches and sockets.

Do not forget that do-it-yourself repairs in an apartment should be carried out in stages according to the following principle: first the ceiling, then the walls, then the floor. By adhering to the principle, you can avoid damaging the already repaired part of the room.

What tools for repairing an apartment with your own hands can come in handy:

– putty knife;

– brushes for paint;

– a roller for painting walls or applying glue to wallpaper.

Even with a minimal set of tools, you can make a budget apartment renovation with your own hands, without resorting to the help of professional firms.

Repairing an apartment with your own hands quickly and inexpensively is completely real and easy, the main thing is to follow the basic rules when working and use only high-quality and durable materials. Then again it will not be necessary to repair the room soon.

Repair time in apartments

Any repair work must be carried out within the framework of current legislation. The law clearly states at what time it is impossible to make noise, roar, and extraneous sounds that may interfere with the normal life of your neighbors. According to the law, repair time in an apartment should not start earlier than 8 a.m. on weekdays and earlier than 10 a.m. on weekends, and end no later than 10 p.m. on holidays and 9 p.m. on weekdays. If the neighbors turn to the police for help and complain about the loud noise, an administrative protocol will be drawn up against you.

It is worth noting that the norms specified in the law may not be taken into account if the noise level does not interfere with neighbors. At the same time, if a strong roar interferes, then they can complain about you at any time of the day.

At what time can the apartment be renovated? This question is asked by people for whom it is important not to cause discomfort to others. At the same time, not only the repair initiators but also their neighbors are interested in questions about the allowed time for repairs in the apartment.

It is worth noting that in different regions of our country, there are legislative acts regarding noise in the apartment. Very often they simply contradict each other. Be sure to check the laws of your region so that you don’t run into an unpleasant precedent.

From what time and until what time can you make repairs in the apartment (rules common to all regions):

  • It is advisable not to make repairs in the apartment on weekends and holidays, so as not to anger the neighbors and not attract the attention of law enforcement agencies;
  • Repairs should be completed no later than 9 pm, and start no earlier than 9 am. If the neighbors have a child, they may ask you not to make noise for several hours at lunchtime;
  • Regardless of when you started the repair, you can make a lot of noise only for 6 hours, then the noise violates the current sanitary standards;
  • The duration of repairs in an apartment building should not exceed three months.

The legislation also stipulates a ban on damage to adjacent premises and the demolition of interior partitions without prior approval from the permitting authorities. After all, improper intervention in the design of the house and the demolition of load-bearing structures can turn into serious problems.

It is better to find out the repair hours in the apartment in local legislation, the text of which can always be found online. Compliance with all the rules will allow not only to make high-quality repairs but also not to make enemies among the neighbors.

Apartment renovation agreement

The number of dubious construction companies is growing every year, in order not to run into one of these companies and not redo the repair in the apartment twice, it is necessary to draw up an apartment repair agreement between individuals. The contract should discuss such points as the stages of repair work, the cost, and the approximate timing of the commissioning of the facility, this will protect against an unscrupulous contractor and be confident in the quality of work.

A sample estimate for the repair of an apartment will help you find out what this document should contain. If your contractor is obscure and does not include some points in the estimate, it is better to refuse his services and contact another company.

Do not forget that repairs can be of different types, this must be stipulated in the contract so that ordinary cosmetic repairs in the end do not cost you more than general repairs.

You can easily find examples of apartment renovation and projects on our website or in specialized printed publications. In addition, for a high-quality and unique repair, you can always connect your imagination and design skills. Such a repair will be truly individual and author’s, and you are unlikely to find similar ideas from someone else.

Apartment renovation, types of work:

1. Redecoration

Includes updating wallpaper, flooring, painting windows and doors;

2. Overhaul

In addition to cosmetic repairs, it provides for the complete replacement of communication systems, the installation of new sockets and switches, the installation and dismantling of partitions, the replacement of windows and doors, and other works;

3. Restoration and reconstruction of the premises

It is mainly carried out in apartments of the old fund or when it is necessary to radically change the appearance of the premises;

4. Author’s repair

The most expensive type of repair is made from high-quality materials on an individual project. Designers, artists, and other specialists are involved in the work.

Apartment renovation tips

Starting repairs in an apartment, you already imagine in advance how this or that room will look like, what kind of wallpaper it will have, and what furniture you will install. At this stage, the eyes are burning, and the hands are eager to get to work as soon as possible. However, you should not rush, it is better to familiarize yourself with some rules in advance that will help you perform the work efficiently, quickly, and inexpensively.

The first repair in an apartment is most often done in a hurry, as tenants tend to move into their housing as quickly as possible. After the completion of the repair and decoration, new furniture is purchased, and, it would seem, only live and live on, but it was not there: the paint on the windows begins to crack, cracks appear between the parquet boards, and leaks appear in the bathroom. All these troubles are easy to avoid if you follow the rules of repair in the apartment.

1. Sewerage

When replacing water pipes, many opt for metal-plastic models and mount them directly into the wall, forgetting that over time the connections weaken somewhat and begin to leak. If the pipes are outside, then fixing this problem is quite simple, without even resorting to the help of specialists. But in the case of mounting them into a wall, serious problems can arise, which cannot be eliminated without a professional plumber.

To avoid problems, it is advisable to seek help from professionals, they will install the pipes by all the rules and also talk about their correct use to extend the service life. Cooperation with specialists will cost more than doing the work on your own, but the sewer will last much longer and you won’t have to make repairs shortly after the apartment is flooded.

2. Electrical wiring

Before installing the wiring in the apartment, draw up a rough plan for the location of the furniture in advance. So, near the desktop, it is desirable to equip an outlet that will turn on a laptop or computer, so you will avoid the need to use unnecessary extension cords that only spoil the interior. Even if you are renovating an apartment in parts, it is better to carry out sockets and switches in all rooms at the first stage.

Make a wiring diagram and save it. In the future, the scheme will avoid the hassle of driving a nail into the wall for a new picture.

3. Plasterboard partitions

Plasterboard partitions are an effective and inexpensive material for delimiting space in a room, but do not forget that they have a limited margin of safety and the desire to hang a shelf on such a structure can result in a collapse. If your room is too humid, it is better to give preference to waterproof structures, so the material does not become unusable too quickly.

4. Floors

Errors during floor installation occur at the screed stage, few people know that for complete drying, the structure should not be used for at least 2-3 weeks. Be sure to check the evenness of the floor before laying the laminate or parquet.

5. Ceiling

An ideal renovation of an apartment will not be the same without high-quality ceilings. You can avoid cracks and distortions if you start repairing the ceiling only after the house has completely shrunk. Do not overload the ceiling and hang massive chandeliers, otherwise, it may lead to premature destruction. Stretch ceilings or plasterboard ceilings are a great option for quality repairs.

We stopped at the basic rules of repair. On the site, you will find articles about apartment renovation, which will help you to understand in more detail the features of this process and do everything at the highest level. Do not forget that poor-quality apartment renovation will only add financial costs in the future, which is why it is better to make every effort and do everything at the highest level.

Don’t forget that if you are making repairs in a rented apartment, it is advisable to warn the owner and make sure that he agrees.

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